Prestige XL2 Printer and Seismo A24 Shaker Setup & Usage

Please review these Training bullet points and confirm that you have all the items below before the training date.

All items below are required prior to using your Prestige XL2 Printer. If you think you'll need more time, we can always reschedule the training.
Training Agenda: Duration: 3~5 hours. We will need your undivided attention throughout the duration of the training. This is important as we will go over what you need to do in case you have to move the printer or change any of the settings.
Here are the main points we are training to go through during the training
  • Part Replacement: Will be demonstrating how to replace consumable parts such as printhead, damper, capping station, boards
  • Maintenance: There are daily, weekly, and monthly maintenances.
  • PrintEXP and Digital Factory: Will be training on how to use the software, change settings, etc
  • Workflow: how the ink flows, what to expect, how to feed the roll into the shaker unit, changing shaker settings
  • Variables: Films, powder, Ink, Print Mode, Environment, and Heatpress
Power Requirements:
  • Prestige XL2: Two 110v power plugs, 15 amps Max
Printer Accessories
  • Internet: You must have internet access/ WIFI to run both printer and software.
  • PC Desktop/Laptop with Ethernet cable connector: Most laptops now don't come with a Ethernet connection port. If yours does not, please purchase a USB-C or USB adapter to accommodate.
  • Tools: Power Drills, Magnetized Phillips Screw, Allen Ranch tool, and Leveler are needed to set up the printer properly.
  • Inks & Media: Please plan on acquiring some extra inks and media as we are going to perform heavy cleanings during the initial charge. We will also perform bi-directional and feed alignment testing before the training.
  • Cleaning Solution/ Swabs / Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 2-inch Paper Core for Take-Up System: If you do not have one available, we'll be using the actual take-up system bar itself.
  • Remote PC program: please visit and download/ install the software. Once the installation is done, please send us the address that appears on the screen so that we can register.
  • Slack Community: Please join our slack channel here. This link expires in 12 days, if it is showing expired, let me know I will generate the link again.
  • Cadlink Software: Please Download and Install: Please click on this link and install Cadlink ahead of time. It can take up to 20 min or more to just install the program. One of our teammates will share the full activation code once you receive the printer.
  • PrintEXP SoftwareKeep this link handy. Do not download this yet. We will install this during the installation. This software is only for nozzle checks and cleanings.
Printer and Shaker Initial Setup: We recommend the items below to be completed prior to the training date. This will help both of us focus more on the actual printer training vs the setup. However, if you don't feel comfortable doing this ahead of time, please let us know. We will need at least two~ three people to help lift up the printer and assemble it.
  • Remove the printer and stand from the crate
  • Have the stand set up and the printer assembled on top.

Handling Videos: